“A gorgeous voice, and a bright future” – Annie Ross
“The best Jazz in the Mediterranean” – Chris Byars
“She comes from the Isle of Gods, and also looks like Aphrodite, the Showborn: Irene Day. She sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at the preview for the Jazz Rally in the Rheingold Hall, not as heartbreaking as Judy Garland but she touches hearts like Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. – Inge Hufschlag

Irene Athanasiou is one of Canada’s finest vocal instructors with 20 years of experience as a performer, and 10 years as a teacher. She is the band leader and Chanteuse of Mood Indigo Jazz band, performing music from the American songbook, with international performances, including US, Canada, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, and has also performed for the president of Cyprus. 

She has performed with world class musicians – to name a few, Jazz master Freddy Redd at the legendary Smalls Jazz club in NYC, Vahag Hayrapetyan, Pasquale Grasso, and Chris Byars. Irene has studied with mentors such as, Shania Twain’s former vocal coach – Ian Garratt, NYC Jazz legend – Annie Ross, and Greek Celebrity – Lia Vissi.

A University graduate of Classical performance, with vocal technique mastery, Irene coaches to improve vocal technique, and vocal style to a variety of genres, coaching students from all around the world from Athens to New York City and Toronto.