We have gathered questions that can provide helpful advice in your event planning.

Q. In planning my event, should I try to please everyone’s taste in music?

A. It is impossible to please everyone’s taste. If you love Jazz and it’s important to you to have it at your event, present it properly, with the best. If you’re happy and the music is great then your guests are sure to love it as well.

Q. Would Mood Indigo be able to play other styles (i.e. pop, disco, funk) as well?

A. Mood Indigo doesn’t play Top 40. We are a dedicated Jazz specialty service.

Q. Can I afford Live Jazz? I really want to have it at my event but I don’t want it to go over my budget.

A. Firstly, do not panic. The beauty of our service is that we adjust accordingly to our clients needs. If you want to keep to your budget, you could hire a trio instead of a quintet or sextet. The beauty of our service is that based on your decision, we make everything work.

Q. I love Jazz but I don’t know enough about it to make a decision on instrument selection and repertoire. How will you help me with this?

A. Aside from being able to watch and listen to some of our videos on this site, I will personally meet with each client and ask a series of questions to determine what is needed for the event. You can leave the rest up to us, and enjoy your event.

Q. Sometimes I go to events and the music is so loud I can barely have a conversation with someone. Is this going to be a problem with Mood Indigo?

A. Mood Indigo always ensures to be playing at the right volume and balancing the room so your guests can enjoy their conversations while still being able to listen to sophisticated Jazz. If however, you are looking to get people dancing, we can easily change the mood and get the whole crowd on the floor.