Mood Indigo was created in 2012 by the Canadian-Cypriot singer Irene Day, and the Armenian-Cypriot bass player Greg Makamian. The two musicians, equally dedicated to this music, have performed at festivals and clubs around the world. They have also performed with Jazz master Freddie Redd, and world class musicians such as, Chris Byars, Zaid Nasser, Pasquale Grasso, Pete & Will Anderson.

The musicians of Mood Indigo have performed at various international festivals and concerts throughout the years of their musical careers. They have made appearances in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Spain and Holland to name a few. Together, they represent a band that has an original Jazz sound. They have performed with internationally known musicians such as: Chris Byars, Zaid Nasser, Vahag Hayrapetyan, Pasquale Grasso. They have also been around and learned from iconic Jazz giants like Barry Harris, Freddie Redd, Annie Ross.

Over the years they were part of the Jazz-Futures Jazz seminars led by Chris Byars & Ari Roland. They also took part in Barry Harris jazz seminars. Irene had the opportunity to study with vocal legend Annie Ross in her home in New York City. Mood Indigo is now based in Cyprus.